Monday, February 17, 2014

Spring Pictures

Audrey and I took a trip to Longwood Gardens last week.  It was frigid outside but refreshing inside, they are set up for Spring.  Audrey also loved going just with Mommy I think.  She got so wet in the children's garden area which has not happened in awhile.  She just had a blast and took in the scenes.  As she is obsessed with purple now, she had to point out all of the purple flowers.

I should also note that Audrey seems to be the flower expert all of a sudden, or at least has a buzz word.  We walked past some flowers and Audrey remarked that they looked like Crapemyrtle.  I had to clarify this with her and sure enough that is what she said.  I have no clue if that is what the flowers happened to be but I was just impressed she knew the name!  We had a blast in the rainforest room, we pretended their were elephants and cats and lions and giraffes hiding.

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