Monday, November 4, 2013

Organizing and misc update

So I started writing about my pursuit to get the house organized and then I stopped updating. In between that was my knee injury which is still hurt, but much, much better. I did not tear my meniscus but I do have some things wrong with the knee. So I am in PT and per the PT's strong suggestion, I am going for a second opinion on Tuesday. I am typically an optimistic person but quite honestly I think this is going to be a complicated recovery. There is no clear cut answer as to what is going on with my knee and so it is going to be experimentation of physical therapy and altering my exercise routine. My knee is still swollen and I am still on a prescription anti-inflammatory. My xray showed a previous fracture of the knee (weird as I can not recall ever fracturing my knee) and the MRI revealed a patella tilt and avascular necrosis. The orthopedist thought that he saw part of my cartilage was broken off. As you can see, a lot going on with that left knee! The good news is that my regular doctor went off the reports with me and the avascular necrosis appears to be old and not progressing (something that the original orthopedist did not share).  I know not a whole lot of people read my blog but if anyone out there has info on avn of the knee, please sure as I know it is not all that common.  I do feel odd when I go to PT, as clearly there are people who need PT more then me and who are not functioning with normally daily activities and I feel sort of guilty.  I get around fine, but having been very active and athletic for so many years, I can not imagine that stopping. Although I am resigning myself to the fact that running just may not be an option for me.

So I am slowly moving through areas of the house trying to organize and sort through things.  Last Monday I tried to tackle parts of the kitchen and the pantry.  I have resolved myself to the fact that it will be a big process, sort through, try a system, reevaluate.  One of the biggest things I did was to cut the amount of tupperware I have in half.   My Mom and Pete constantly complained that they could not find the lids to match the tupperware so I tried to keep only the containers that matched the same lids (same lids by size, I do have different sizes).  So far I have not missed the extra tupperware containers.  I also slimmed down my cookbooks yet again.  Does anyone use cookbooks anymore??  I do use my crockpot ladies cookbooks frequently and I think i will keep them.  But the rest, I either know the recipes or I can easily looking them up and prop the iPad up to follow the recipe.

I am not sure where my next organization area is going to be, likely still digging deep into kitchen cabinets.  I am just trying to evaluate and really think hard as to if I really use this item or love it, if I hesitate at all then usually that means no and it goes into the donate pile.

I leave you with some Celia pictures

This was pre- hair cut, the frizz is slightly contained now.
Her hair has a mind of it's own.  But I sat in back of 
3 sisters with curly blonde hair in 4th and 6th grade, very similar to Celia's and I had a glimpse of her hair in a few years.  
I have many years of frizz to try to contain.

Her new way to go down the slide.
You can not see it that well but check out this pinterest- 
the skirt was made out of my old t-shirt!
It took my 15 minutes to make and it is super soft and she loves it.
I love that she loves it.
Oh and I am sure it is on pinterest somewhere but it was my own idea.

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