Friday, November 22, 2013

Three years ago today I was awaiting this little bundle.  She was busy stressing me out even before she arrived, little did I know!!!  Going late when you are pregnant is not fun, especially when your first came early.

I remember that she gave us nearly 2 weeks of thinking that she was the perfect, peaceful little baby and then bam she was insane.  I do not miss her 1st year of life, really I don't and I say that lovingly.  Actually I don't miss it for her either, she was absolutely miserable.  Nothing could calm her and little did we know that she was likely in a lot of pain a good bit of time from her reflux.  She has had (has) an ATTITUDE.

I will have to say though that Audrey in general has changed.  She certainly has her opinions but she likes to please others and is very well behaved 80% of the time.  In the morning, she is abusive to us.  Okay, she is typically kind to me, but the rest of the household gets abused.  Until she has some food in her, she can not be "wooked at" or talked to.  Celia gets yelled at almost everyday by her in the morning and Celia does enjoy provoking the situation.

At school, I am told she is the perfect child.  She is so well behaved and so sweet.  It always makes me laugh.  But I do believe it.  When I take her most places, especially new places she is great.  I can take her to doctor's appointments, meetings, etc and she will typically entertain her self and is great.  She is getting a little less shy lately which has complicated things because she is a bit more bold about talking. So I think my time bringing her to appointments is ending- why would I ever expect a 3 year old to behave at something like that anyhow!!

She still loves going for long walks in the BOB but that has not happened lately but she has not stopped asking so I am assuming she will still be great for me when I can walk for exercise again.  She also loves the outdoors and she loves to run outdoors.  We go outside frequently on my days off and I just let her run.  I don't even think that Pete knows she likes to do that, she just likes to run, run, run.  Audrey just finished up a session of Soccer shots at school and had a great time.  Another session starts in January and I think we will sign her up again!  Actually I will have to say, I love that program, they are great with the kids!

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