Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Science Museum

My sister, niece and nephew visited my Mom during Spring break so we made a trip to my Mom's house for a few days to see them.  On our trip we went to the Science Museum.  Audrey had the best time!  The big kids liked it but were more into pressing the buttons and moving things.  Of course for part of it Audrey for some odd reason was on a mission to go see Monkeys.  Perhaps she thought she was at the zoo?

The car ride there, we were able to fit everyone in my
sister's van.  Audrey had a great time!

We were able to fit everyone in the van because we only took 1/2
Ok, just kidding!!!  Isn't this a great effect? 

Katie body
 Celia body
 Vickie head

 Celia and her world.  Contemplating
a plan to rule the world perhaps...

Audrey had the best time playing with these things.  She spent a good bit of time building
something really big and then she put the finally piece on and said
"I did it!"

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