Sunday, April 28, 2013

13 miles

So this morning I did my last long training before my 1/2 marathon on May 12.  I did a little over 13 miles and I feel ok.  I am ready for it and I am still a little bummed that I am racewalking the whole thing and not running some of it but that is ok.  I am sort of surprised that after some time off from racewalking longer distances, I have not forgotten my form and my speed is ok.  I am not looking for matching my personal best time, just finishing it without injury I suppose!  I have enjoyed getting back into training and I do plan to keep it up.  This will be the first event I have done in which I will not be wearing my purple team in training shirt.  I was told once a team in training alumni/coach you can always wear your purple shirt.  It just does not feel right anymore though now that I am 3 years away from the organization.  Team in training is the Leukemia and Lymphoma's charity marathon team.  I coached for them for I think 6 years and I did events for them the 2 previous years.   Our local chapter decided to then dissolve the walk team and combine it with the runners.  I have since heard that the walking part of that team has basically not been great and I am disappointed.  The number of walkers in marathons and 1/2 marathons grow every year.

Celia had her 3rd race as part of the Healthy Kids Running Series and she was awesome!  Grandma and Grandpa came to see her.  Mom Mom saw her last weekend.  She with a smile on her face the whole time.  She is funny when she starts though, they say go and Celia looks side to side to make sure that everyone else has gone and then she runs.  So she is typically the last to start but she catches up fast.  Today she placed 4th and she was certainly the last to start.  But.. I am not looking for her to be in the top, the whole point is for her to accept not being the best at something.  A skill she really needs to learn.

Audrey is now at that stage where she is certain that she is just as old as Celia.  She thinks that she can do everything that Celia does and sometimes it does not work out.  I noticed that when she talks to kids her own age she often leans down and cocks her head like adults do when they are talking to toddlers.  I dread hearing "No Mommy, I do it myself".  That translates to this task will take 10x as long to do and likely involve a fit if things do not go right.  She wants to strap herself in the carseat and that would be great if she could really do the whole thing.   It takes her forever and then 9 times out of 10 she can not get the bottom part and she gets mad when I do it.  I then have Celia who tends to be distracted by everything and it takes forever and a day for her to even sit in her seat, let alone strap herself in.  So inventors of carseats, think about this invention- kid sits in the seat and voila the straps automatically attach around the child.

New matching nightgowns from Grandma.  They love to be twins.

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