Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I follow a blog called "Whatever" it is by craft guru/photographer Meg Duerkson.  In June her great aunt who was 101 passed away.  She asked the question if there was someone special in your life and so I commented.  This is what I commented.

I was in an Olive Garden the first time I knew that my husband's granny was something really special. She was like 86 or 87 at the time and I was alone with her for a few minutes. She leaned over and said " thank goodness they left, have you checked out that waiter's back side, it's something alright". I laughed so hard. She is now 94 and she has suffered in her memory and health recently. She just moved into a nursing home and true to her spirit is having the time of her life, honestly! I love granny even if she is not my own. My 4 year old adores her. When she was 2 Granny was in the hospital for Christmas and even though she was just 2, she became teary eyed at the dinner table and wanted Granny to be there. She tried to nurse off of her when she was about 6 months old. Granny told her " sweety, these wells have been dry for decades", that cracked me up. When so many people looked at me funny for cloth diapering, Granny made me feel awesome one day when I pulled out some and she said " oh you have real diapers, so much better then those paper ones". She had no clue that in a time in which I was questioning everything I did as new parent, that a simple remark like that really boosted me! We are going to have to say goodbye to her I know at some point, hopefully not too soon as she is honestly having a ball at her new home.

This morning we got that dreaded call that it was our time to say goodbye to Granny, she passed away early this morning.  She was 95 and she lived the best life, I say this because she just made it the best life, it was just her way.  I think that we just always expected her to be there, at least I did, knowing that was an impossibility.   I said in that comment that Granny moved into a nursing home, one would think that maybe that slowed her down, made her not as cheery- no way.  Granny loved her new home, it was her resort.  She made the best of what she had and she added some humor, love, and smiles.  

Oh Granny, you really will be missed.  Please say some prayers for my husband's family.  

With her beloved beagle Sam.  

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Susie said...

thank you so much for that, carrie. that was simply beautiful.