Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Poor Celia

Well we are on our second round of the stomach bug since I started back to work, it is not fun.  Audrey had it a few weeks ago, then Celia got it, then I got it.  That one was not horrible, although I would have preferred to skip it. So this past Thursday evening/Friday evening Audrey surprised us with throwing up in her crib and then a few hours later all over me.  The first round she also threw up all over me.  I am not fond of that.  In anycase we questioned this time if perhaps it was reflux related.  I questioned that until Sunday morning when I started to feel bad and then when I felt, very, very, very bad, and then when I felt as if someone just needed to knock me out until this thing was over.  In years I have not just laid in my bed.  I wish I could have enjoyed it!  If we had to question it even further, poor Celia got sick this afternoon.  She only was sick once then Pete brought her home and she watched movies.  She seemed to be fairing okay until I noticed that she was asleep.  She woke up a few times and it was clear she felt crummy.  But at least she can sleep.  I am hoping she kicks this thing by morning. 
There is a lot of othe things going on, keeping me from updating the blog.  I have some cute pictures and hopefully this weekend I will get some time to upload them and schedule some posts.  For now here is Ms. Celia acting very cute and then acting very sick.

Check out the bucket, the school let us keep it!  Don't worry, it was never used.  She is sacked out on the couch.

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