Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Big Sister

So she is at that goofy stage.  The one in which burps, farts, and the word butt is absolutely hysterical.  In fact she has learned that if she adds any word to the beginning of butt that it is the best thing on earth.  We are discouraging that however I also find it hysterical sometimes.  She is hyper at times and needs to get her energy out, Pete can not handle that.  So I guess I need to go back to making her run laps around our kitchen and living room before Pete gets home.  I used to do that. 
She is also very into helping me in the kitchen and not doing a bad job at it either.  This year she made all of her Valentines herself.  I only helped her by making a stencil of a heart.  She has traced it, decorated it, and cut it out.  She has even used the class list provided by her teacher to write names on the Valentines. 
She has not fought back to her sister yet but honestly, and do not tell her this, but if she is not very rough, I am going to turn the other eye if she does fight back.  You see Little sister is rough!  She pushes big sister and has even started hitting a little bit.  She did not learn that at school either, Little sis has done that for a long time.  But Big Sis is patient and tells her no, sometimes there are tears, but usually she is patient. 

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