Sunday, February 26, 2012

I think we are searching for Spring

Celia asked me early in the week if we could go to the park.  We have really not had a winter, it was in the 60s a few days this week.  The problem with asking me if we can just stop by the park is that unfortunately spontaneous actions do not necessarily go with my "schedule" as a Mom who works outside of the home.  Honestly.  When she asked me that I almost did, I was all set to go spend an hour running around the park.  Then I looked back and saw Audrey's arm waving up and down, signing nurse and I remembered about dinner, laundry, and the fact that it was bath night.  Ugh.  So I promised Celia that tomorrow we could go to the park.  That evening I did everything I could to prepare things for the next day so that we could go to the park and have a blast.  Of course that day I went on a field trip with my students and it was crazy with one in particular and I was beat.  But I still told Celia "guess what, we get to go to the park".  I expected her to say "Great" and for us to have a blast at the park.  Much to my surprise, she said "oh, I really am not interested in doing that today".  What????  So we didn't.  I drove past it on the way home and prompted her the whole time, at that point I had talked myself into some rides down the slide with Audrey and some swinging.  It did not happen.  Sigh.
The previous day we did get out side for about 15 minutes to ride bikes and scooters.  Audrey thinks that she can ride Celia's tricycle without help.  She pushes my hands off of her and becomes furious if she finds out that I am helping her.  A 15 month old can not ride a tricycle without help, let alone one that she can not reach the peddles.  She also believes that she can sit on the potty without my support and pushes my hands off too.  She has fallen in, it has not stopped her. There is something wrong with that.  Anyhow... It reminded me of our rides down the sidewalk on warm Spring days.  Celia wants to go out more and more and we have been to Longwood Gardens more frequently lately.  Spring typically does not really arrive with all of the warm days until late April, sometimes not until mid May in our area.  We have had a very mild winter and are expected to have a cooler then normal Spring so who knows.  I would not fight a March snow storm.  The school districts now are more than willing to close school with only a few inches of snow.  We have snow days built in and none were taken!!

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