Monday, January 2, 2012

A Year in Pictures

Highlights, I am getting about 2 hours of sleep
Celia is enjoying a lot of tv time as Mommy is barely coherent
Audrey is rolling over

Celia is having a blast in Ms Donna's room and Mommy is still not sleeping more then two hours
Audrey is becoming more mobile, however she is handful x 2
We take a trip to Virginia to celebrate Emmett and Katie's birthday

So still no sleep
Celia switches to 3 half days a week at school

Mommy and Celia are having a good time with crafts and preschool activities
Audrey is still a mega handful and not sleeping very well

Audrey is sitting up very well and we see more personality from her this month
Celia is her crazy little self and enjoying the unseasonably warm weather

They start to play together and Audrey
Audrey is army crawling all over but the reflux picks up again this month and we have some rough weeks

The cousins get together
Katie comes for a visit
Celia has her swimming bootcamp and Audrey and I bake in the pool area!!

Celia goes to vacation bible school
We have a blast at the beach until we are evacuated the second week due to the Hurricane
We also felt the earthquake
We road out the Hurricane at Mom Mom's house

Celia turned 4
We had fun with some messy crafts!
She had a great but small birthday party
Audrey takes her first steps this month

Audrey was a turtle and Celia was a ballerina for Halloween
Audrey is sleeping much better, about time!!

My baby girl turns one! 
We have a good last few weeks of Mommy home, lots of Longwood visits
Mommy goes back to work at the end of the Month

Mom Mom comes to help us out, she is a huge help!
Audrey enjoys her time with Mom Mom
Celia tests the water a bit this month and is over the top excited for Christmas
Our Christmas is very nice and Celia is very grateful for her gifts

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