Friday, January 13, 2012

The Week

It has been a long week. Audrey started daycare last week and even though she only went for one full day, the rest were half days, she caught a cold. Every time in the past when we thought she had a cold it became clear that it was not a cold but a tooth. I assumed Monday that it was her tooth however it was clear by Tuesday morning that this was a nasty cold. If it were not just her second week I think I would have called out and curled up with her. She had no fever to speak of. So I just wrote a note for the school to call if she was fussy. I received no call all week and they said she was fine every day. But each morning and evening I had a do not put me down, crying, exhausted, snot covered Audrey. I have eaten my breakfast while juggling Audrey almost every morning. In the afternoon she has been attached to me. My shirts have snot stains, fun times. Celia has not been bad, in fact she has gone with the flow, knowing that Mommy is preoccupied a bit. Yesterday Audrey went down for a nap when we came home and she and I played dolls. She was ecstatic about that. Then I went to check on dinner and she decided to play in Audrey's room. No reason why, but of course Audrey woke up!
School.... Well lots of things happening. Honestly I do not remember ever having this much on my plate while teaching. I can not say that I am overly stressed, I should be, but I am not. I am frustrated more or less. I would love to just plan fun lessons, creative teaching activities, etc but paperwork, meetings, data collection, etc are all the priority. Somewhere along the way in Special Education, teaching has been forgotten. Honestly. The requirements are such that if you followed them your actual instruction would come last. Craziness.

In any case I am glad the week is done and I have an extra day with my girls. I have lots of school work to get done too but I will see what happens.

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