Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Things I'm in Love with Today

My Sister's gifts to the girls arrived today.  I requested a Matilda Jane type dress for Celia.
Well she made one for each of them.  I would never pay the price for a Matilda Jane Dress.   Julie,  if you read this, some of them go for $130 each- no kidding.  Have we spent that much total on our kid's clothes??

 Can you say amazing???  I am going to have to take pictures with it on Celia. 
She loves the dress but there is no way she is wearing this to school.  This will be a you wear when Mommy can watch what you are doing and hit you with the stain stick the minute something gets on you dress.  Okay, I will relax on that after a bit, eventually.
Can you say Cute!!!  Celia did this in school and was very proud, as she should be

Oh and today I also got Audrey's flips trainers.  Aren't these sweet? 
They are going to be put away in her room until the summer when I attempt potty training. 
Celia was so easy to train, she started the process her self around 17 months. 
We will see with Ms. Audrey!

Audrey loves to sit in laps.  She loves it! 
On Christmas day, Pete and I were in the kitchen cleaning up
and Audrey toddled into the living room and found a lap to sit!
Celia thought it was hilarious.

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