Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentines Day Whine

Okay- first Happy Valentines Day, it isn't Valentines day with out Valentines Socks

Miss Audrey.  I appreciate the fact that you are absolutely adorable.  Your smile is amazing and the laugh I heard on Friday was awesome.  However... Mommy is fried.  Today has been one of "those" days and she can't take the crying.  You are getting better, but it doesn't seem fast enough!  Mommy just wants to see this little smile at least 50% of the day.

I appreciate the fact that you like to be near me, especialy in my wrap but I am nearing the end of being able to do it 24/7.  Literally my dear, 24/7- in the past few days you will only sleep by yourself in the swing for 30 to 60 min.  That is not okay..  What are we to do when it is time for you to go to Kindergarten.  They make fun of kids strapped to their Mommies.

I appreciate the fact that you hate being on your tummy and you hate being put down but Mommy no longer likes taking showers while listening to you scream in the background.  Daddy won't let Mommy not take showers so that isn't an option- if that is what you are thinking.  I hate having to eat lunch with you in my wrap and my dear, you do get random bits of fod stuck in your hair from the whole process.  Mommy needs a break.  All I am asking for is a simple 30 min. of a baby not strapped to me a day, and that excludes when I take a shower, or go to the bathroom.

See, your toys are awesome!!  You need to bond with them for a bit.  The butterfly is a cool dude, he might have something to say.  Hang out with him for a bit and see what he likes to do.  On your right is a lion hanging around, he seems interesting too.

Oh and see this position, if you just roll some more you would be on your tummy.  If you get the hang of it, you can roll all over the room.  Your sister did that and loved it.  See you wouldn't even need a Mommy transport around the house!

Okay, on to the other one

 Repeat after me, "I am not 13 years old, I am not the boss, I am too young to talk back".  Got that??  No seriously, do you really understand that?  I am so sorry that your life has been turned upside down and you have an extremly demanding younger sister.  It totally isn't fair sweet girl.  But that doesn't mean you take advantage of the situation.  That doesn't mean that because you "can" push Daddy's buttons that you need to.

I love you but 5 am is not morning, no matter what anyone tells you- it is not!  That reminds me, Audrey can I also request getting more then 4 hours of sleep total?

You looked amazing in your Valentines Dress this morning and you were very appreciative of your gifts.  Thank you.  But... If you fill one more bag or box up with random items from various locations in the house I am going to scream.  You don't hear Mommy scream that often, but it is coming.  If you would remember where you got all the items and put them back, that would be great, but it doesn't happen.  Oh and the paper thing.  Goodness gracious, putting one line of crayon on a piece of paper and crumbling it up isn't okay with me.  You have literally created dozens of them in a 5 min. time period and I don't understand it at all.  If I had the choice of your pretty, pretty pictures with all the different circles and colors over the crumbled paper with a line on it- I would choose the first.  So please stop wasting paper.

It's Valentines day, I won't gripe about the Big Guy.


aunt susie said...

aw, carrie, it's time to go for a run! get pete to wear the baby for a while right after a feeding (it will be hilarious to see him in the wrap) and go get your release, girl. i'm feelin' for ya!

Sara said...

I know I shouldn't laugh. But I did. This was actually a wonderfully sweet and honest post. My favorite kind.
And sweet of you not to vent about the Big Guy on Vday.