Thursday, February 3, 2011


This week marked the first week that Celia only has school Mon, Wed, and Friday. Tuesday went well, despite the fact that I was working on 90 min. of sleep. Celia and I did some school work and played. Audrey took some naps and everything worked out- okay. By the end day I was exhausted but we made it. Then came Wednesday, a snow day for Celia. Really it was a rain day, as that is basically what came for part of the day. It was icy in the morning but by 8 am everything was fine. Evidently Celia did not get a great nights sleep and was not in a good mood at all. It is so much fun to have both a 10 week old and a 3 year old screaming while going on only a few hours of sleep, it rocks. But it was just one of those days!!

So today I woke up very tired and just thought, how do stay at home Moms do it when they are getting no sleep with a newborn and have to take care of 2 or more other kids?? They are amazing, or they are on speed.
Today was not bad, Audrey was actually in an okay mood except when she was trying to get herself to sleep. Sleep for Audrey does not come easily, she needs to scream I think to get to sleep. But we have had smiles and cooing and all that good stuff. We haven’t made it to her playmat yet, that will happen tomorrow when Celia is in school. She has spent most of the day in my wrap. I was surpised to see that she was actually awake for half of our trip to Longwood Gardens. We went there this morning and had a good time. I still love our BOB Revolution stroller. For now, I wear Audrey and Celia rides in it. I am going to have to find a double stroller for my long walks with the two girls. I certainly can’t expect Celia to walk 5+ miles and I think that at some point carrying Audrey to exercise in isn’t going to work. But a Bob duallie is outrageously expensive, so that isn’t going to happen. I wish it would!!

After nap time, Celia brought me 3 of her swimuits and said “Mommy, you know in the summer when we went in that sprinkler thing, lets do that”. Hmm… “Okay, Celia, the water will freeze and you will be cold” “Are you sure Mommy?” Hmmm… “Pretty Sure Sealy” “Oh, okay Mommy, then I can just wear my swimsuits”. So she is sporting her pink swimsuit with the ruffled bottom.

Tuesday- working on cutting, and sticking out her tongue because I told her that looked silly

The basic theme of Wednesday

Signs of Spring at Longwood

Soak in the sun Sealy

Celia is skipping spring and going right to summer..

My tiny girl!

Overall, I think that I am going to really enjoy the non school days with Celia more so when I am getting more then 3 or 4 hrs of sleep, at least 4 hours each night without a few 90 min nights thrown in!!  Oh and that includes Celia getting sleep.  She can not handle being tired, at all, that is what her issue was on Wednesday.  Her teacher can vouch for that too!

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