Sunday, December 26, 2010

We are fine

I didn't really know what to title this honestly.  Our Christmas was wonderful until the evening...  We were driving home from Pete's parents house and I was on my cell phone talking to my Mom about our impending snowstorm, Christmas, etc.  Pete was driving- I was not driving and talking on my phone.  Another car tried to make a left hand turn right in front of us and we hit the car, nothing really else we could have done.  We were going 40 to 45 miles per hour and we hit another car.  Pete doesn't speed, Pete has been jokingly called Grandpa driver.  Thank goodness my husband drives like that.  We are fine.  Pete is very sore and has a nasty cut and bruising on his legs.  Celia has a bruise/ brush burn on her neck from the seat belt.  Audrey has no mark what so ever.  I have seat belt bruising and bruising on both knees, along with a sore foot.  Our car is definately totalled.  If you saw it, you would know why we are amazed that we escaped with the most minor injuries.   I told Pete shortly after the accident "We have good carseats".  I repeated it a few times.  When you crash into something going that fast and your carseats don't budge at all and your infant barely feels it, you have good carseats that are installed properly. 

Our airbags did not go off and we are confused as to why they did not.  The firemen were asking about it but honestly said we are likely glad that they didn't.  But we need to ask Mazda about it!  So this week will be spenting getting ourselves checked just for reassurance at the doctor and getting a new car for Pete.

Thank you to the volunteer fire company who arrived literally minutes after the accident.  We are very lucky.


Colleen said...

I second the fact that car seats are life savers! I was in an accident with Emily when she was an infant and the seat never moved. Your insurance will give you money towards new seats b/c you aren't supposed to use the ones in the accident anymore b/c they could have fractures in them. I am glad that you are all OK. Miss you and hope your week goes well dealing with all of this!

Mary Beth said...

So glad you are all ok!
Best wishes for a great 2011 with the girls - They are beautiful!
Mary Beth (Sept Belly Buddies)