Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Well Celia was up this morning a little bit after 5:20 despite going to bed after 9 pm last night!!  Pete is on the couch with her right now.  He is dozing and Celia is glued to Princess and the Frog.  Audrey is currently asleep in the sleepy wrap.   She is well past a need for a diaper change however, I risk leaks to keep her calm!! 

Celia asked Santa for a star.  We were definately not sure if he understood the request because it is quite unique.

Well he understood her completely and Celia was thrilled.  She received two star wands and another one that she can make.  She has already decorated part of that one!   She also received a scribble and write from Mommy and Daddy.  Oh and some dresses and new pjs from Santa.  She got three dresses.  In her stocking she received a new princess notebook, tights, mittens, and a headband (Mommy finally found a wide headband at Joann fabrics and ironed on a cute flower).  She made out well.  She was super excited.

Audrey made out equally well with her stocking- two pairs of socks, a 3 month fleece outfit, and some special Aveeno bodywash.

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