Saturday, December 25, 2010

1 Month Old

Miss Audrey- you are 1 month old, hard to believe!!

Height:  21 inches- 50th percentile
Head- 14 inches- 75th percentile (thank Daddy for that)
Weight- 7 lbs 2 oz- 2 to 5th percentile (heavy weight champion, right??)

The doctor said you are doing awesome and no worries. 

What you are doing.  You starting opening your eyes a bit more in the past week or so.  You enjoy spending your day in the sleepy wrap or the moby wrap.  I think that you believe you are back in the womb honestly.  In fact a few times this week when you saw Mommy pull the sleepy wrap out you stopped crying for a few seconds, almost to say "Ahh... you know what I want!".   Sleeping at night stinks.  You believe that you should be held at all times at night and that isn't going to happen.  Mommy is noticing that the more time you spend being worn during the day, the better you sleep at night.  However Mommmy does need Audrey breaks no matter how much she loves you.  Oh and you are giving Mommy a big head because you most certainly prefer me.  You sometimes will calm down just when I take you from someone else's arms.

You are still fitting into your preemie diaper cover and your preemie prefolds.  Mommy is thinking that your output is getting so that we might need to retire them soon for something more absorbant, but they still fit!  Your one disposable that you wear a day is newborn size and finally fitting you well.  In clothes you are starting to fill out your newborn clothes, but far from 0 to 3 months clothes yet.  However some of your fluffy diapers might make it necessary to move up a size in onsies or some other clothes.  Mommy's favorite outfit on you- your striped shirt with the rose on it and pink stretch pants. 

Mommy's favorite events for you- your smile.  I don't think that you can fully control it yet but we have seen a few good smiles and you are so super sweet.

Okay- that is your 1 month update my dear!!

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