Monday, November 2, 2009


Celia had a great time trick or treating. We were not sure we were going to make it as she woke up feeling a bit crummy. It turns out she was just sleepy and a little tired of her cold. It rained about 40 min. into our trick or treating so we headed in. She loved going to the houses, just wouldn't talk to anyone once we got to the door.
I carved the pumpkin, no help from anyone else. I also roasted some of the seeds and they are tasty. Celia has an issue with getting her hands yucky and so does Pete, so no one would put their hands in the pumpkin except for me. Me, who actualy thinks it is quite relaxing to stick my hands in the gooey pumpkin mess.
Pete let me know that next year he is taking her out. We will see if that stands, she will have be 3 and so much fun. With the small amount of trick or treaters, the two of us could take her out together!!


Anonymous said...

Hey...I recognize the chair upon which that pumpkin sits! Lots of great memories with that one. I am glad Celia is getting to make new ones.
I have a few things that I want to send you. Please email me your address...use my school account
See you!

Vickie said...

Jack agreed to be the one to get his hands messy and yucky at our house! I carved two and Jack one. We loved the pictures, she looks so cute!!! I will have to send/post some of us as we dressed up as Peter Pan, Captain hook, Wendy and Tinker bell!