Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thank you

Thank you for my little tree hugger. Thank you for our family.
We had a wonderful thanksgiving with my Mom, Pete's parents and grandparents. Our entertainment was Celia of course! She was so good, not overly hyper and well behaved. My turkey turned out amazingly again this year. Yes that is one thing I will brag about, I can really cook a turkey. This year it was a 20 lber!! I brine my turkey and that makes it moist. Pete had to do the lifting of the turkey in and out of the oven this year though.
My Mom as usual did a great deal of cleaning, prepping, and cooking which allowed me to relax. My mother in law and Granny supplied many tasty dishes. At one point I looked at all of the food, and I thought how lucky we are.
Happy Thanksgiving!


Lexi said...

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Mount Belly Mama said...

What an adorable photo! Thank you so much for sharing.