Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Left vs right, pre sick celia

I took this on Saturday, Celia's teacher taught her left vs. right and she is about 90% accurate. On Monday she caught the crud. We aren't convinced it is piggy flu, though would be nice to get that done with if we can't get our hands on the vaccine. In anycase, she has a cough and fever and is a little congested. Her fever was only above 102 a couple times and basically drops to normal with tylenol. Her appetite is only slightly affected (but then our daughter has to be semi comatose to just not eat). So Pete was home with her Mon and Tuesday and I am home today and maybe tomorrow. Her temp has been normal since around 7 am and stays normal without tylenol! She was up at 4 am this morning though!! Pete isn't convinced she should go to school tomorrow, we are going see if her temp. returns tonight. After spending the day chasing her, sending her to timeout for climbing things, licking things, and other infractions, playing with tons of toys, etc- I think she is doing okay. She is down for a nap now after a 15 min. arguement over socks- don't ask. So not sure what is happening tomorrow. I know there is alot going around, but 24 hrs fever free should put her in the clear. Of course she will likely catch something else by next week, that is the deal with being 2 and in daycare. Hopefully no fever tonight.