Friday, November 13, 2009

Just a little update

So nothing really new to report on the Celia front. She is still very cute. She is still making trouble at school. Everyone comments often that she is so smart, which makes me very happy of course! A new thing of hers lately is to make up stories which cracks me up.
I am enjoying the fact that she likes Gilmore girls. I love that show, absolutely love it but I haven't watched it really in like a year. I have had some rough days lately and I just wanted to see about 20 min. of it one day. Celia was playing by herself and so I turned it on. She never pays attention to shows like that but for some reason she started watching it. She came and curled up with me and started asking questions. "What is she doing?" or making comments "Hey Mommy, she has pigtails", etc. So today she pooped in the potty and requested Gilmore girls. There was 15 min. left, so I was more then happy to give her that! We settled down together and watched it. She was quite upset when it was done.
For some reason she is enjoying going to the grocery store lately and requests it. I only take her when needed, but it is funny. I was not happy with her this past Wednesday when we went though. She tossed a container of hummus out of the cart and into the aisle, it smashed and was all over the place. She then asked me for more hummus. I was quick to let her know that we were not getting anymore hummus.
So I will update at another time, with some pictures perhaps. Life has been busy and hard these past few weeks, I won't go into detail, but some thoughts and prayers are helpful. Actualy some thoughts and prayers are needed for friends who are going through a rough situation.

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