Sunday, October 11, 2009

Playing Doll house

I am posting a video of Celia playing dollhouse. She names the little people after people at daycare. She loves the director at daycare- Donna (she also loves her teacher, but evidently none of the little people resemble her). I wish that I could post the first video that I took however she was playing in just her underwear. We are actualy getting away from as much nakey time, Celia would still rather do away with clothes.

The video doesn't do justice to how much she says. We can have extended conversations with her. One today:

Celia: Mommy, you have boogers in your nose?

Me: I don't think so

Celia (looking up my nose): Oh yes, you do.

Me: Oh

Celia: You need to get them out

Me: How do I do that

Celia: You can stick your finger up there, like this (demonstrating on her nose)

Me: No, why don't we use a tissue.

Celia: No, that's silly

Now I am thinking that perhaps we need to have some lessons about using a tissue. Oh and for the record, there are no boogers up there. Believe me I made sure to check.

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