Friday, October 16, 2009

Pumpkins and Bikes

My Mom sent Celia a package with the hat, shirt (it is long, as I think Celia is on the shorter side), and socks for Me. Celia insisted that the socks were for her. When she wasn't looking, I took them back. If you know me, you understand that my passion for socks is quite strong.

I took her to a local orchard to pick out our pumpkins. She did not want to get in any pictures so that made things hard. Here are a few. Oh and the coat isn't small, she decided to wear another coat underneath- I don't know why but I pick my battles.

Celia received a very nice tricycle from her grandparents. It is a bit big for my peanut, so Grandpa put some blocks on it. Unfortunately a week after we got it, the weather turned yucky. So we only had a few afternoons with it.

This are not my best photos and I didn't take the time to edit anything. The weather has been awful here, miserable. I miss being able to go out and take my walks/runs with Celia and the Bob. I am hoping for better weather next week. I am headed down to the basement to watch the Empire Strikes back with Pete- while I do school work- or look through my new Mennonite cook book that Pete got me for my birthday. I keep telling Pete that I am a hippy and he tells me I am the farthest from one. So now I am going to run the Mennonite thing past him, I think he thinks I am closer to that side. But I think the babywearing, cloth diapering, yogurt making, baking from scratch (when possible not nearly as often as I want), delivering in the parking lot, goodwill shopping, no paper towel/ paperplate household part of me makes me a hippy. As Pete would say- Go on with your bad self.

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