Friday, September 4, 2009

Birthday bash

Celia loves garbage trucks and she loves the alphabet song, she will sing the alphabet song over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over... We have spent a great deal of early summer mornings watching the garbage truck and garbage man do their thing. So Celia's birthday bash theme wish garbage trucks with an underlying theme of alphabet letters. We played pin the letters on the garbage truck and trash bowling. Her cake was a garbage truck and I made it, it took too long, but I made it!!

Here is pin the letters on the garbage truck

This is the best picture I could get of the bowling

Here is Celia opening a very tiny portion of her gifts, too many gifts- but she loved them all! If you notice she is opening them with a screw driver- yes a that is right. Part of her gifts was a toolbox which she loves.

She sobbed when we sang Happy Birthday.. Can't you tell! Okay, no, Celia grinned ear to ear when everyone started singing Happy Birthday. I guess my little girl likes attention, well she gives it to everyone too so that is great!

Oh and her shirt- it has a bunny that says "I'm two" and the back says "What is your excuse?" So that is just a snippet from our party. What had fun, it was family and our two neighbors. We were so glad that her cousins, two aunts, and uncle could come. Of course she loved having her great grandparents and grandparents too!! Grandma made some yummy baked beans that the guys went crazy over and Mom Mom made some yummy fruit salad. A extra thank you to Mom Mom for her help in the preparations and for the 6 hours she spent helping me with my classroom!!

So happy birthday Celia. You have come a long way kiddo. From the parking lot to 2.

What happened this year?

  • You moved from a crib to a big girl bed

  • You potty trained yourself, okay Mommy takes only slight credit.

  • You learned how to say the alphabet

  • You can say anything, honestly you can and do

  • You talk in 3-5 word sentences, again, you honestly do

  • You spent your first night without Mommy and Daddy

  • You went to North Carolina

  • You had RSV and were very, very, sick

  • You learned how to hop

  • You learned to dress yourself, undressing you did when you were not quite 1

  • You started school with Miss. Jen and loved it

  • You developed and overcame your fear of ceiling fans

  • Stopped sleeping in a sleep sack

  • You stayed rearfacing in your carseat and still love it that way

  • You grew and you amazed us

Celia's favorites

  • You love your dolls, trucks, handy manny, elmo, tea set, doll house furniture, and the gold coins (we will forever find coins around the house, and I am fine with that)

  • You love to take walks in the BOB stroller, except now you tell Mommy to run sometimes

  • You love to play dollhouse with Daddy

  • You love Amber and she loves you

  • Nakey Time

  • Reading books- anything by David Shannon, Yummy and Yucky

  • Singing songs- alphabet song, Jesus loves the little children, Amazing Grace, Froggy Went a Courtin

  • Foods: "ogurt" as you call it, specifically Mommy's homemade yogurt and spoonfuls of Daddy's Breyer's yogurt while sitting on his lap, pizza (homemade or regular), calzones, Mommy's meatloaf, hummus (all time favorite food), Trader Joes Fruit Crushers, broccoli

We love you Celia, I hope your 3rd year brings even more joy, I know it will!!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your little lady. Looks like a very fun party. :)

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the blogiverse! :)

Sara, Dan, & Maggie Daley said...

Happy Birthday, Celia!
Sara and Maggie