Monday, September 28, 2009

Pictures with explanation

We are doing well, all are healthy right now. I am still struggling with work. Finding my balance is proving to be very difficult. It will come, I know.

I thought this was a sweet picture of Celia by one of the trees that we run to when it is nice weather. It is one of those things that Celia and I just do together. We climb up a mountain to the trees, fly off of them, and rescue each other. It is just between us.
My curly hair little girl. We are struggling with taking care of it, they frizz some days. Since I straighten my curls (though they aren't as tight as Celia's), I never really have to think about taking care of them. Her curls are a new experience for me.

Ahh... Summer still remains slightly with homemade smoothie popsicles. Home made yogurt and some berries. She thinks it is a treat for filling up her sticker chart, I am more then happy with that.

She discovered the tiniest stickers out there and covered herself with them. I found them places for days.

She is actualy cleaning my windows, and she does a good job. That is vinegar in the spray bottle and a microfiber cloth on the floor. She got her stool so she could reach higher. To start off, she had no underwear. To post a picture, I had her put some on. She vacuums too, with the small stick vacuum my Mom got us. I love that vacuum, it is amazing. I am training her young. As soon as she can reach the washing machine, we are in business!