Saturday, April 18, 2009

Why surprised?

Okay, I know that most people have probably watched this. If you haven't go and watch it. It is of course an amazing video clip form Britain's got Talent. A middle aged woman that wouldn't be considered as highly attractive came on the show and it was automatically assumed when she stood on the stage that she would be awful. Really, that was the look that the judges and audience gave her. If she had been a young, tall, attractive, blonde haired woman they would have likely had another response. What does that say about us??? I mean really. I thought this when they started talking about it on television. I think this woman deserved recognition for her incredible talent of course but it is ashame that everyone had that initial assumption. I haven't really read about her story honestly, but I am guessing that her talent was never discovered partially because of how she looks. I just think it is sad. The video is moving and I hope that this forever changes her life, she seems like a neat lady and deserves this recognition.
Update on Stellan. MckMama and her family are going through alot right now. Stellan was flown to Boston Children's Hospital and is likely going to have a surgery called ablation on Tuesday. There is still hope that this won't be necessary and that medication/removal of certain medications will make him more stable. Ablation for infants is not always a good thing, it sometimes leads to many problems in the future. It is a surgery that will destroy the part of the heart that is basically causing the electrical malfunctions (go to her blog for more of an explanation, I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on tv-though that would be fun). From what I understand that can make that part of the heart stop growing and then the heart will not support him as he grows. Again, visit her blog. They have been through a very rough time. But they are surviving and many bloggers have helped MckMama and Stellan along the way. One blogger that lives near the hospital has taken MckMama's puked up clothes (from Stellan) and is washing them. It is those simple things that really do help a person in need. So send some thoughts for Stellan, this has been a month now that he has been in the hospital. Her has gotten 7 million hits, amazing.
On the upside, Celia is still doing wonderful with the potty. Hopefully this means that it will be a smooth transition into undies mid June. Who knows!! She is enjoying the warmer weather, a little too much. We are having many fits when it is time to go inside.

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