Friday, April 10, 2009

Guess who went poopy in the potty-2x this morning

Yes, that's right, Celia. This morning she told me she had to "peepy" and we ran into the toilet. She sat there for a few seconds and didn't go so I brought her out. Normally if she is going to pee she does it right away. A few minutes later she said it again and she pooped in the potty. About 30 min. later she did the same thing. So we are going to go out and buy some thick training undies after her morning nap and see what happens. So far she is only going if she had nothing on. When she has a diaper on she just goes. Of course the problem here is that she has no toilet in her daycare room, but they might work with me if she indicates the need to go while in a diaper/training pants.

Pete is not really on board with this whole thing, I started it yesterday because I want her to get rid of her diaper rash. The main way to do that is allow for nakey time. So tomorrow when I am at training, she won't have nakey time. So.. maybe she will learn to go potty only when Mommy is around for awhile!!

Pete has a touch of the stomach flu this morning so we are sending get well thoughts to him. He gets this alot, but it doesn't make it easier. It is common for him to get it around holidays, odd thing, I don't think he stresses around holidays, just think it is poor luck!


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