Monday, November 9, 2015

Update on Miss Celia

Age 8 is treating Celia very well.  She is adjusting to her new school but misses her friends at her former school.  That is to be expected.   Celia has always been a bit ahead in school, especially in the area of reading.  I was actually a little worried about writing simply because she hated it.  Well, I am highly impressed with our school district's emphasis on writing and honestly 3 weeks into school and I noticed a huge improvement.  I am thinking that maybe it was motivation and that those skills have always been there but she is doing an awesome job!!  In fact Celia has been typing her retells for the past 2 weeks.  She reads a book each week and does a retell on the book.   She likes the Percy Jackson series, any book by Patricia Machlachlan, and some Little House books.  Some recent books include The Lion, the witch, and the Wardrobe, Crenshaw, and an American Girl Doll book.  I like reading some of her books too!  
As for activities, Celia has been doing fencing so watch out!!  Kidding, sort of… She takes Spanish 1x a week and choir at church 1x a week.  She loves going to church and Sunday school and she still loves to sing.  If it were not for Audrey's complaints, she would sing all day.  Celia's best buddy is a little blonde firecracker named Vanessa who is in the same grade.  Vanessa looks like she should be our 3rd sister.  She is a good friend.   
Current interests include sewing, crafting, legos, shopkins, squinkies, fort building, games, tv shows of course, trips out to eat, and playing outside.  She continues to be a very sweet sister and has stepped up in helping out her sister.  She does her laundry every week but it is certainly not a preferred activity.  She is hilarious and has a curious mind and an extensive vocabulary.  

Here is one of her retells, I think it is great for a 2nd grader!!

The Prairie Thief by Melissa Wiley

Louisa’s father was sent to jail for something he did not do.  When Louisa was three, her mother died.  After her father went to jail the Smirches took Louisa in.  Another mouth to feed said Mrs. Smirch as she stared at Louisa ungratefully. Louisa was sad because she had to sleep on itchy straw at night.  Louisa and Mrs. Smirch’s niece Jessamine found a hole in Hazel Grove. They found a little man that was called a brownie in Hazel Grove.  He told her that he was the one who stole everything and not her father. The brownie summoned an elk that took her to town. When she got there she went straight to the jailhouse and saw her dad since she was there she went to his trial. Then she met the judge who showed her his brownie, her name was Mrs. Mack. His brownie is married to Louisa’s brownie Mr. O’Gorsebush.   Since she knew that her little brownie was the one who stole everything she told a crow to tie the sheriff’s keys to the back of Mrs. Smirches bonnet so they would think she was guilty.    The judge decided that Louisa’s father was innocent so he got to go home.

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