Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Have I shared that Celia is taking fencing?  I was not ready to make the leap to year round swim team for Celia even though she was more then willing to do it.  So we discussed a few things and landed upon Fencing.  I do not understand the sport at all.  I do know that it is really a sport.  It involves stamina and it is definitely a work out.  Celia actually has practice for an hour.  She had a mock tournament a few weeks ago and that was interesting to watch.  I just don't understand it as I don't understand chess which Celia likes too!  But I really love a sport that she picked and that I have no background experience.  I want her to do her own thing (sometimes)

 So interestingly the instructor did let parents know that fencing is one of the safest sports.
Looking at the outfits, I completely get that.
But after the first day they did say that everyone had to wear sweat pants because sometimes legs get cut (yikes!) Luckily Celia is not using anything that has a sharp point!

At her mock tournament

Audrey came to watch and had to find ways to entertain herself

She was very into selfies

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