Friday, May 2, 2014

Healthy Running Kids Update

Well we had our 3rd Healthy Running Kids race this weekend and guess who ran when they said Go!!

Celia stretching.  I was able to wonder over to her group, since Audrey is Miss. Big Girl now!

Yep, we said Go and she went, not fast but she ran.

Celia has a rough 1/4 miler.  Part of the course is a tough hill.
I don't know if you can see her but she is in black pants next to the girl in hot pink shorts.

 She finished strong, hungry, and thirsty.

Perhaps this one did go out too strong.  This was the next day.  After she whined her way through Mom's Morning Out, at one point stripping (spilt water and long story), and had a complete meltdown at nap time in which she fell asleep on the floor.   I had to wake her to go pick up our neighbor from the bus and she fell asleep again. I texted this picture to Pete and he said "whatta cutie". I texted back simply "no".  In case you were wondering, no it was not sundress weather.  That was her dress of choice at nap time.

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