Sunday, May 25, 2014

Well we Had a Good Streak

Notice the sheet and the towel?  I wish they were in my car an hour prior to this photo.
On Monday Audrey had the start of a cold. On Tuesday it was a barky cough and cold but still not that bad.  Wednesday she definitely had barky cough and a hoarse voice but made it through the school day with school saying she never coughed at all and seemed fine.  I figured it was a mild case of croup or a virus.  So Thursday Celia woke up with the barky cough and a sore throat.   She stayed home and Audrey went to school.  Around noon Pete got a call that Audrey was sweaty and not feeling well.  So he got her (he worked from home that day) and put her down from a nap in which she played and apparently was feeling better.  That is until the night….  She woke up with a coughing fit with a 102 temp (her highest and longing lasting temp so far) and then vomited.  Fun times.  So off to the doctor in the morning to find out it is just a virus.  The vomiting is from the coughing and the fact that illness makes her reflux worse.  Just as we pulled into our neighborhood coming home Audrey started coughing and then I heard the worst sound…  Basically my child exploded everywhere, carseat, back of my seat, on the floor, beside her.  It was not pretty.  I opened her door and we both just sorted of stared at each other.  I had no idea where to start.  So I ran in, grabbed towels and got her out of the carseat.  This is the moment in which she turns to me and says "Momma, you don't have to do "uppy", I will walk".  I did not have the heart to tell her that there was no way that I was going to pick vomit covered little self up anyway.
So after she did all that she took a tubby and seemed to feel much better.  She took a long nap later and then had some fun outside.  Actually it was very cute.  She helped me water the plants and at one point started shaking the watering cans and water sprayed all over.  I think she expected me to get mad but it was fine.  So then she just had a blast and until she realized her clothes were wet and she was "all done".
 Celia has more of a cold type thing instead of the fever and severe cough that Audrey has had.  She has a cough but not as bad.  And I am now hit with this thing too, we were healthy for so long!!
 So I saw on twitter, this art project that someone did.  I decided to try to copy it and included Celia.  The above is my picture.
This is Celia's picture, it is super cute.  She was a bit of a perfectionist with it and this was her third try.

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