Friday, July 19, 2013

That day again

My Dad was a big part of our swim league and his heart attack took place during a Greenwoods swim meet.  The swim league has a lot of good reminders of my Dad and as you can imagine one big not so great reminder of my Dad.  Joining the pool this year was a big decision for me.  We joined a different pool then where I belonged as a child and it seems as if I have been taken back to that time period.  Many of the swim coaches on our team were swimmers or young coaches when I was child.  It floors me that they are still so active in the league.  They love it I guess.  My Dad loved it but honestly winning or losing was not important to him.  Poor sportsmanship was really not okay with him.  If you lost a race, okay, but you turn yourself around and cheer for your fellow team mates.  I hope that eventually Celia will understand that.  It has been very hard explaining that concept to her, she is 5, in her eyes if she is not the best then nothing matters.  I guess you have to give 5 year olds a break.

There is a sportsmanship award given in my Dad's name at the league championships every year.  There are few people that actually knew my Dad that are part of the league.  But I was sort of surprised when a parent whose child had won the award said to me at the pool "oh that is sort of the big award in the league you know".  No, did not know that.  The team we joined is good, undefeated for many years, but from what I saw they also encourage sportsmanship and team spirit.  I hope to share her Pop Pop Tate's team spirit with Celia throughout the years and I hope she takes it to heart.  We are not there yet.

I am also reminded this summer how much Dad would have loved to see his grandkids in the water.  I am not talking about the swim team, I am talking about throwing them up the water, playing monster with them in the water, and just watching them have fun.  It's not fair.  It will never be fair that you missed so much.

Your Grandkids are growing Dad.  Give us some help in leading them the right way please.

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