Wednesday, July 17, 2013


So it has been awhile since I have posted.  I just have not been in the writing and uploading mood.  In any case I returned back to work last week and it was been ok.  It feels different then working during the school year.  It still feels like summer even when I am at work, maybe it is because our caseload is down in the summer.  But so far I am okay with it and the girls seem to be okay with it, despite having caught a yucky summer cold.

We are done with swim team.  That is a whole post in itself.  Celia, well, Celia was difficult.  She loves to swim and she even loves to practice her swim strokes.  The problem lies in this- she is not willing to try new things if she thinks that she is not going to be the best and if she thinks that it is not going to be easy.  A problem for certain.  There was also the, if I exaggerate my fear I get some attention thing going on.  As her Mom I know it was exaggerated.  I talked to her daycare director, who knows Celia very well and she knew EXACTLY what I was talking about!!  I will explain more in another post.  In any case Pete and I are determined to create a child that is willing to try new things, whether they are easy or hard.  We also want to create a good sport in her to let her know that being the best is not what is the most important.

Audrey, well she is just setting us off with her ability to take off her diaper and squeeze out even a drop of pee onto her sheet so that we have to come in and change her sheets.  Tonight baby girl that snap diaper is being put on backwards.  Oh and we did try not changing the sheets last night after the quarter size drop of pee, around 1 or 2 or 3 am, I did not look she stripped and peed again.  Argh!!!

 We have that puddle jumper on her at all times
She thinks she is big until she is not and then she is
very, very little and needs to be "ups"

 Just looking cute, she is about 5 shades darker then average

 Her jammies say Miss. Independent

Getting ready to swim her lap down the pool.

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