Thursday, October 4, 2012

Audrey my love, you are amazing but you are really testing our patience.  Breakfast does not need to be requested with a scream and a hit.  Your sister and Daddy are allowed to look at you in the morning and no if they do look at you it should not cause you to melt into hysterics.  

Your teachers at school think that you are so calm, quiet, and sweet.  They look at your Daddy and I in horror when we ask if you hit at school.  They say quickly, "Audrey???  She is the sweetest little girl".

Sigh, there is not much to be done with you at 21 months.  You have been introduced to timeouts and we ignore a lot of what you do because 90% is for attention.   I guess I should be glad that you save the trying behaviors at home and show everyone else your sweetest side.  You have learned to say "I sorry" and I am not sure if I should be proud of that!!  Your poor sister has gotten most of the abuse and sometimes she does taunt you but most of the time she simply gets some attention from Mommy and you become a jealous nut.  Sweet girl, you need to get over it.  Mommy has enough love to go around.

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