Saturday, December 3, 2011

Touching Base

Updating my blog since going back to work is hard.  I am not going to write very much about work, for a few reasons.  I am a teacher and honestly there have been some issues with other teachers blogging or going onto facebook about their jobs.  I am an Autistic Support teacher, my students have behavioral issues, that is why they are in my classroom.  So my job as a teacher is a bit more complicated then the norm.  I can not say that I am happy to be back to work, I wish I had made another decision.  That said, I also can not say that I am unhappy being back in the classroom.  I do enjoy working with my students and interacting with adults.  The time away from my little girls is hard on me and I think that I do not want to make working full time permanent. 
Audrey has given my Mom a rough time this past week.  We think she caught my cold and unfortunately on the first day she was left with my Mom I forgot about her reflux meds.  That did not create a happy baby!  Audrey is communicating very well now, but it is not with words.  She is pointing and saying "Ah ah ah", it is annoying.  Yes, I said it, it is very annoying.  She hands me the boppy when she wants to nurse and yesterday she tried to hand my Mom the boppy!  When someone leaves she waves bye bye and goes to get her own coat and shoes, very cute.  Hopefully Audrey will give my Mom an easier time next week!
Celia has enjoyed her first full week of school.  On Monday when I picked her up we talked about the next day and she said, "Wait, you mean I am going tomorrow?"  I actually thought for a split second that she was upset and was going to say that she missed me and wanted to be home with me.  So then I checked my ego as she says "That is so cool, I love school so much, I am so glad I get to go there all day instead of with you".  Thanks sweety, love you too.  Picking her up this week has been interesting.  One day I was yelled at because I picked her up in Splash room.  The next day she threw a fit because I would not buy her the same book her friend received at the school's book fair.  It was a $20 radio playing barbie book, no way.  On Friday, she was actually okay, even when we did go to the book fair and I purchased a book for her classroom and not for her! 
I have been surprised that getting out of the house in the morning has been fairly easy.  Now when I throw in making sure Audrey has breakfast before we leave, that might be complicated.  She may have to eat breakfast at school, which I do not want.  But we will see.  Celia typically gets up so freaking early that getting out of the house on time seems to be the least of our worries.  I am not happy with making lunches again.  I detest that.  Ugh, I do not know why, but making lunches just kills me.  In January I will have 3 to make, ugh.  Luckily I could start making mine ahead and just leaving them at work.  Our classroom has a full size fridge, go figure.

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