Monday, December 19, 2011


I am not into the holidays at work this year.  It is odd, coming into the classroom during the holidays is not as great as I thought.  We have play practice and chorus practice, special holiday shows, special holiday craft events, etc.  I have no idea at this point what our normal schedule is going to look like, not to mention some other stressers going on.  Actually I still live by my Dad's philosophy of "nothing in education is an emergency".  Truely it is not.  This week should fly by fast with Dress rehearsal Tuesday, my own Polar Express fun day on Wednesday for the class, and then our show on Thursday.   Then I have a nice vacation with my two girls the following week but sadly Mom Mom is going home.  She has been such an amazing help over the past month and we will all miss her.  Celia and I talked about it on the car ride one day and she was very sad.  I am not looking forward to Audrey going to daycare.  I love our daycare and I know she will be in good hands but it can not compare to the attention my Mom has been giving her.  According to my Mom though, she really enjoys her classroom.  So I think she will have fun and then she is all mine in June.  Celia too, but Celia would rather be at school, so that is a different story!!

Last weekend Celia helped me make my main holiday treat this year.  I decided that instead of the various sweets I was going to make that I would go with something simple, so I made a hot cocoa mix.  It is likely the only chocolate treat that I do eat/drink on occassion.  I am not a chocolate fan, I gag on dark chocolate.  So we filled over a dozen mason jars and I put the labels on.  I still have to make my infamous cheerios mix.  I struggled with whether to make it this year because Audrey can not have cheerios.  But I decided I would give it a try and make sure that everything is wiped down and the floor is inspected for stray cheerios.  

On Friday Celia has school and I do plan on sending her.  I plan on spending some quality time with just Audrey and I then tackling some house cleaning and maybe some cooking so I will not have to stress over it during the break.  At this point my Mom is saying two things, well she is laughing at the fact that I think I can get things done with Audrey and she is also saying "well I cleaned for you".  Yes she did, a lot, but the bedrooms upstairs need some TLC.   Audrey may spend some time in my Ergo or Moby wrap so I can get some things done!  Or I may just decide to scrap everything and play, play, play!!  I am excited that this year we have found a children's church service that starts at 4:30.  Every year we spend Christmas eve dinner with our neighbors/good friends and we are always very late getting there as our church service does not start until 6 pm.  This year we should be at their house by 6 pm!  We get to go with my friend and Celia's little friends too.  Of course Celia is irritated because she found out that some of her friends go to our church and she will not be there.  She will get over it.  But really, 6 pm for a children's service is wonky.  Kids eat at 6 pm, little ones need to be in bed at a decent hour.  Just my opinion!

Okay, a wordy post.

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