Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Audrey

I can not believe that my baby is one! We had her party on Thanksgiving day, since everyone was together. I really did not make a big deal about it. We had cake, a banner, and presents. She received a busy box from us, and she still needs to open a pull toy/ ring sort dinosaur, and some clothes. Mom Mom gave her clothes and a new baby doll with accessories. Grandma and Grandpa gave her a Leapfrog my first radio and her Aunt Susie, Uncle Jon, and Cousin gave her a collection of zoo animal and farm animal puzzles.

We went to the doctor yesterday and overall she is doing well. The doctor is not concerned about her speech and expects that she will have a big jump in expressive language in the next few months. But really, it is receptive language that is the key. She follows everything and points to a ton. She has even started bringing me the boppy to indicate that she wants to nurse! We have an allergist appointment at 18 months that I have to make to see if she is still allergic to oats, until then absolutely no oat products. So far it has not been a big deal. We also have to make a GI appointment for 3 months from now if she still shows reflux symptoms. The doctor does not think they will do anything different but reflux past age one is not as typical.

She is walking full time now and rarely crawls. She has also mastered walking with shoes on! But she still dislikes socks! She loves to climb and has recently taken an interest in climbing inside of things. Audrey loves to eat, she really, really loves to eat!! Her favorite foods include peas, kix, dehydrated fruit, applesauce, bread, cheese, bananas, apple chicken sausage, yogurt, and calzones. She also loves Trader Joe's multigrain mix and quinoa. It was interesting to see her eat her birthday cake as she was not super into it! She took one or two bites and then was done and refused a taste the next day! She still chokes when she drinks but that is slowly getting better. Amazingly she chokes less from an open cup. She is very silly and loves to laugh with her sister. Audrey loves to be spun around or swung. She also loves playing with her baby dolls and our phone, the play phones will not do.

She is wearing 6 to 9 months clothes and some 9 to 12 month clothes. She fits perfectly in Old Navy 6 to 12 month clothes right now, okay so some of their pants are a tad long, but overall they fit very well. She weighed in at a little over 18 lbs and around 29 inches. She is hanging in with only 2 teeth right now.

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