Sunday, November 14, 2010

Still hanging in there

I am 39 weeks, 2 days and this is around the time that I went with Celia.  I have no illusions that I could go past my due date, even by two days so how far along at this point doesn't really matter!!  I have caught a slight cold/bug or something and am tired and have an achy throat.  Hopefully something that can go away with rest.  Celia has a tiny cold so perhaps that is what I have.

Check out the Little Home blog, she is talking about Christmas gifts that last through time.  There is a link to another blog too. 

My input, it seems like the more simple things are the best. 

Books- always great and now that Celia has a new bookshelf, I am game for more books!  But I am a huge fan of the library.  Honestly I think that is a great resource and the trip itself always seems like a treat for Celia.  Some of our favorite books are the Arthur series, David Shannon books, some Dr. Seuss books, and recently the youngest little house series.

Dolls and doll house- Celia is very into her dollies but whether they are pricey or cheap, it doesn't seem to matter honestly.  We have not given her any very pricey doll but she does play with a doll that I had as a child and that one I think was a bit more pricey then my parents typically spent.  The doll has held up very well, so who knows??  She also likes the Magnetic Dress up dolls by Melissa and Doug.  She uses my wooden doll house and a plastic doll house that was a handme down.  Her doll house furniture box is filled with items from yardsales and treats from Mom Mom.  Yardsales are great resources for these kind of items.

Containers of any sort-  Celia loves bags, purses, trunks, anything that you can put things in!  She literally has spent an hour stuffing and unstuffing junk into these items.

Play food- that is hit or miss here but when she does play with them it is pure enjoyment.  I love the Melissa and Doug wooden food but we do have some plastic food that was in the throw away pile at my school last year that I snatched.  It is a huge tub of it.  Free is nice!!  Celia also steals my measuring cups and spoons.

Household items- Celia will play with cloth diapers, dust rags, cups, spoons, paper, etc.  Celia will spend a lot of time just playing with random things.  Honestly.  I think that if we had no toys at all she would still have a blast!

Stroller-  We have this stroller.  It was given to us by Celia's grandparents and she loves it.  In the beginning she tried to sit in it and roll around with her feet.  So she broke the seat a bit, but I attached some elastic to the bottom and all was well.  It has lasted and it is still working well.

Crafts-  Celia likes scrap paper, scissors, glue, etc.  Crayons and paper are truely entertainment

Trucks and Cars aren't just for boys!  Celia loved cars and trucks, even before age 1.  We discovered this soft rubber trucks and cars from Tonka early on and she still occassionally plays with them.  We typically got them at Target and they entertained her for quite sometime.  Even at age 3, I catch her taking them out of the drawer and lining them up.

Puzzles and Games- Hi-ho cheerio and Go fish are our current favorites

Okay, that is my list!

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