Wednesday, November 3, 2010

No Way

So I will be 38 weeks on Friday, it can not be.  When I started out the school year I thought, okay no big deal, I will definately have a few months of lesson plans for my Sub.  Now it has dwindled down to, hmm... I wonder if I will have time to leave my wonderful sub any information, you know a paragraph or something about my 5 little guys- soon to be 6 in January.  So little one, if you could please stay in until 39 weeks and give me just a little more time that would be absolutely awesome.  I have my last IEP meeting tomorrow and I have to get that IEP out in the mail, another one too-but not anything I can do until it is approved.  I have most of my report cards done, the ones that I can get done are done.  I have finished my literacy data collection that was due this week.  If I make it to next Friday,  I plan to do some of the testing for my sub before I leave- it is supposed to be for the whole month of November but some of it can be done at the beginning!  So things are done, but just not sub plans- just when I think I have time I realize 10 million other things that are due.  Life will go on though if this little girl decides to come sooner then I think.

On the homefront, the nursery is fairly well established with a crib in it and the moses basket is set out, plus a borrowed pack n play in case we decide to go the route.  The closet is filled with clothes, cloth diapers are in drawers, some disposables are set out ( don't know if I will be brave enough to start the cloth diapering the first week, just primarily because they are so tiny in the beginning).  A bag is in Pete's car, but really not sure if everything is actualy in the bag!!  The carseats are in Pete's car.  We had to fix Celia's carseat because there was an issue so that was a chore.  But Pete got on the computer and found directions for installation, that we had lost and we installed it and it is not budging!!   Now the baby carseat in my car evidently needs a locking clip to prevent tipping, so I am going to fool with that Friday or Sat.

Okay, boring stuff!!  There is a concern that I am still carrying a peanut of a baby.  They are very concerned about her size despite a good ultrasound that we had a few weeks ago.   At that time it showed that her birth weight would like be in the 6 1/2 lb range, maybe less, maybe more.  The midwives feel that she just reached 5 lbs now.  We will see who is right, I think she will be 7 or more lbs to prove them all wrong!!  I am measuring 7 1/2 months and yes I am 9 + months but with Celia, that is as far as I ever got.  It is just the way I am built.

So this is a boring post, I just wanted to update and let you know that I am still around, no baby yet, will definately let everyone know!! Celia is still all spunk and giving us a hard time on some days.  My Mom is coming Sunday to stay for the long haul and I think Celia is excited about that.  She wanted to stay home from school yesterday and stay in her jammies all day.  I told her she could plan a day like that next week with Mom Mom.  She was very, very, happy to hear about that!! She does love school, we have just had some sleepy and grumpy mornings!


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Sara said...

Carrie- I can't believe you're so close! Thinking of you all as you welcome the new member of your family!