Saturday, November 20, 2010

40 weeks, 1 day

Okay so I said I wouldn't be blown away if I went past my due date-but I didn't say happy about it!!  She is cozy in there I guess, but I can't imagine there is a lot of room.  Celia was 5 days early so to me this is ridiculous but it happens and it isn't uncommon at all.

I have had several people invade my privacy lately by asking me how far dilated I am.  I just look at them, like what???  Although when good friends ask me that, I am okay with that but when someone who I only know very casualy asks me that I get a little creeped out.  In anycase, my midwives don't check- so i have no clue nor does it matter!! 

I had a midwife appointment yesterday and she was very sympathetic which I was surprised because I really just thought that she would go with the whole natural philosophy "she will come when she is ready, so deal with it".  But it was a very nice visit at least and I have an appointment on black Friday for a non-stress test and 41 weeks appointment.  41 weeks... I should have a 1 week old by then!!! Guess that is not going to happen.

Atleast I am not waddling around uncomfortable, just a little more tired then usual I guess but I am not sleeping well.  I am not sleeping well for no apparent reason either, not uncomfy just can't sleep!!  I am measuring 2 months behind in my belly and I am guessing the baby is closer to 7 lbs, midwife's guess is closer to low 6 to mid 6.  We will see!!  Hopefully soon, but all bets are off at this point.  I am thinking today is not the day as nothing feels different.

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