Thursday, June 3, 2010

So sweet and innocent

The sweet and innocent comes primarily when she is asleep!  Celia's bossiness has reached new levels unfortunately as her huge vocabulary has increased even more.   I am not sure how to decrease that except "encouraging her" not always to take the lead.  But at school, her classmates often just do what she says!  She is so funny though.  She had a conversation with her cousin Katie the other day and I didn't have her on speaker so I didn't hear the full conversation.  I had not told Celia yet that Katie was coming to visit us again this summer because things were up in the air a bit.  Well later that day Celia told me "Guess what, Katie is coming to visit me".  I asked her how she knew that and she said "Well Katie told me when I talked to her".  Oh!  She is now having her own phone conversations!!

Of course yesterday I also saw the start of something I really didn't like.  Celia wanted to do certain things like sit on my lap to eat and play with the radio.  When I told her no she said , Well Amber (her 8 year old friend) told me to do it.  Oh really!!  Explaining lying to a 2 1/2 year old gets a bit complicated.  Especialy when I explain it and Celia looks at me and says "well, she could have told me to do that, Mommy you just don't know".  What???  What is that about??  She is 2 not 10, ugh!!!

Okay, I have another post to do about our Birth Center appointment.  It was a great 4 month visit that included Celia!


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