Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pictures of our newest additions

Hee, hee, no I am not having twins.  It is pictures of our newest purchases!

First, Celia's feet finally grew.  Seriously, have you ever heard of a 2 year old that goes from Sept to June in the same shoes??  Well we did it, then her feet grew- they grew from a 7 to 7 1/2 but I actualy bought her all 8s anticipating some more growth.

Last weekend was actualy a girls weekend because Pete was away and Celia and I had a blast, honestly.  We played in the morning then went shopping for shoes for a bit.  We got the buster borns (pink sneaker sandals) and the pink sandals.  I got awesome deals, really awesome deals.    She definately needed sneakers but I couldn't find anything I liked and I wasn't about to spend $40 on shoes for her.  So we came home, had naps and did a few things then went out on our search again.  We made a stop at home depot then off to Target.  We quickly found some Champion sneakers on clearance and she loved them.  She also wanted flip flops.  So I splurged- $2.50.

They are cool because they actualy have elastic strips on the back.  But after a bit they bother her toes, which is why I only wanted to spend $2.50 on flip flops! We ate at Calfornia Tortilla and Celia ate most of our share of chips and Gaucamole, along with some of our shared chicken tacos.  Prior to that we did make a stop at Pet Smart, she loves that place.  Of course I think she loves the fact that the cats are behind glass!!  She is a bit chicken with animals.  Oh and Mom, she still remembers Thomas.  She looked at one and said "Oh Mommy, that looks like Thomas!"

Oh and we finally got new furniture for our living room.  We have had a recliner that was likely 20 years old that was literally dropping pieces- a bolt here, a really big metal piece last year.  Oh and the couch, ugh, don't even get me started.  I am embarassed that we kept that so long.  It looked great and was super comfy but had an odor that would not go away- I am not going to explain.  In anycase here are our new purchases.

They are a bit more formal then I am used to but comfortable and will hold up with kids.  Celia seems to love them.  We also have more seating.  It shouldn't have taken us so long to make the purchases.

The little bean has started to make it's presence known, I feel little popcorn movements in my stomach and a few not so light ones.  Celia is still insisting it is a girl, not so sure but we will see I guess!  I am popping out as much as I guess, or maybe a little less then I did with Celia.  I am told that only if you know me can you tell I am preggo- so great, I just look chubby to everyone else.  I on the other hand think the belly is big, I feel huge!  But that goes with pregnancy.  The funny thing is that I am carrying exactly like I was with Celia, I had a deja vue moment looking down the other day!  I will be 18 weeks on Friday and so I think things are progressing nicely.  Last day for my students is this Friday and last day for me is the 21st!

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Susie said...

hey, LOVE the new couches! waiting for a preggo pic now!