Monday, March 29, 2010

She seems so calm

We went out to dinner on Saturday evening and the husband of the couple next to us commented that Celia was so calm.  She was at that moment and all throughout the dinner.  In fact she was likely the best behaved I have seen her at a restaurant (although honestly Celia has never been a big problem when we went out to eat).  As for the husband, he wanted to chat us up the entire meal.  I wasn't very fond of that and I think Celia was a bit confused as to why this man kept talking, and talking.  Not to mention my eye gaze went to his wife who was feeding the little boy M&Ms after a few bites of his meal.  This was after the husband asked us if we knew about this juice that his son was drinking, it had 50% less sugar.  Celia was drinking water- no sugar, but I didn't say anything.  I also didn't say anything about the M&Ms but I was very curious.  Oh and the fact that they were looking for a different type of daycare for next year because the little boy went to in home daycare that has the tv on all day.  Hmmm....  Celia has watched 2 short videos on pajamma day in the nearly 2 years that she has been at her daycare.  But, again, I didn't say anything.

So back to Celia.  Calm, was not a word to describe her on Sunday.  Celia has been going to bed fine for the past week but getting up shortly after 5, I don't mean 5:15 or 5:30, I mean like 5:01 or 5:02.  So I think Sunday it all caught up to her.  I didn't realize though that we had passed that magic time and crossed over to the, well not so calm and not so nice child stage.  I haven't seen her throw a tantrum that bad in a very long time.  But we made it.  She took a good nap but was grumpy when she woke up.  Actualy she was still tired when she woke up.  At one point she was lying down next to me and slipped down a little, closed her eyes and started twirling her hair.  She was going to go back to sleep!!  I told her she couldn't and she didn't give me a huge fuss but was dissapointed.  She took a tubby and all was well after that.

I am on Spring Break this week.  I sent Celia to school today and will tomorrow then I think I will keep her home the rest of the week, not sure yet!  I went to IKEA and got some ideas for her play area down stairs.  We are in for a yucky two days- cold and rainy.  Cold, but Pete wore short sleeves today...  It is going to be almost 80 this weekend.


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Sara said...

Have a great Spring Break! Enjoy the weather (Finally!!)