Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Queen Celia

We were not impressed with Celia's behavior this evening.  She ended it by hitting her Daddy when he asked for a kiss and then asked him if he would cry.  She wanted to hear him cry (he often fakes it).
The following was a conversation that took place while Celia was sitting on the toilet.

Mommy:  There will be no stories this evening because you were not nice, you did not make good choices.
Celia:  But I want stories.
Mommy:  No I will lay down with you but no stories.
Celia:  Why
Mommy:  You were not nice.  Tomorrow, you need to listen to Mommy and Daddy and do what we ask you.
Celia (yelling downstairs):  I love you Daddy.  (then gives very loud kisses in the air).  See Mommy, I am nice.  Now I get a story.
Mommy: No, you do not.

The little manipulator.  She knows exactly what she was doing!!

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