Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weekend adventures and Guessing Game

So this weekend was tiring but fun. Saturday we had Pete's company Children's Christmas Party. It was really neat, but a bit overwhelming for Celia. She wanted no part of Santa and give him a very tiny wave. She loved the dance room though! We didn't stay all that long because she started looking tired and we wanted her to make it home awake. If Celia falls asleep in the car no matter if it is 5 min or 60 min, she thinks that is her nap.

That afternoon Pete and our neighbor started working on putting quarter round in our living room and part of our kitchen. When we had our floors installed in Sept, we decided to do that our selves to save a few hundered dollars. Next time, I will just have them do it. It was a huge project for them and they didn't finish until today. So while they were working, Celia and I played with our neighbor's daughter, Amber. She loves her and was super excited. It snowed here on Sat too, enough to play outside. I had alot of fun and so did Celia.

Earlier when it first started coming
Okay, so our snowman is a bit pathetic. The pic above Mr. Snowman is Celia making snowballs with Amber's snowball maker. It does a nice job, however Celia referred to them as bouncy balls at first and was quickly dissapointed by their lack of bounce.
Here is the Guessing Game: Can you guess what Celia is doing in the picture at the top of this post??? If you can, well then the prize... Okay the prize is that you won. I will of course acknowledge who ever guesses and if you are a blogger, your blog. My traffic consists of about 5 to 6 people I think so I don't really expect many responses!!

Here is our tree, it isn't much at all. Pete and I got it years ago for about $14.99 I believe (the price gets cheaper in our mind every year) and it is a toothpick on steroids. We like it, it suits us, and it works well in our tiny house. Pete's hardwork this weekend excuses him for getting in his scrooge mood while decorating the tree. Next year Celia and I will do it by ourselves because that kind of thing puts him in a bad mood, go figure. It does every year.
So a good weekend overall, busy, tiring, but good. Oh and I got to go for a run/racewalk by myself, hooked into my ipod and in my own world. It was wonderful.

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