Saturday, December 12, 2009

Donate some Babylegs

A family that lives not all that far from us lost their son to mitochondrial disease before Thanksgiving. Their story was on our local news because an organization was helping to renovate a house for them to live in to accomadate their 3 year old's wheelchair. Unfortunately, Gavin only briefly got to see this house when he had to be returned to the hospital. He fought a very hard battle. His Mom is collecting baby legs to donate to Dupont Hospital. Gavin basically lived in babylegs because with all the tubing, etc, it made it alot easier, almost a neccessity to go with out pants. Babylegs are leggings that fit up the entire leg. Celia has quite a few and they were so handy when she was really little and needing frequent diaper changing (especially when I would let her go around in her fitted diapers without a cover). I think they are awesome. Now that she wears underwear, they aren't as practical. But we still use them on some occassions. I want to get some of their new tights but I will wait for a sale. I did order her some of their socks, I didn't even know they made socks. In anycase, that is besides the point.

Right now they have free shipping and buy one get one free baby legs. So if you so desire, go on the babylegs site or and order some baby legs. I don't think Target has free shipping on them.

Use this mailing address:

Karen Owens
PO Box 985
Boyertown PA 19512

Gavin's story is also on the babylegs website. There are some beautiful pictures of Gavin on his website, if you care to read his emotional story. He reminded me some of a few of the students in the Multiple Disability Support program I used to work in, so I think that is what really touched me.

Click on the picture above for more information on the campaign. Here is the link to babylegs. They will match every pair donated up to 5000. So I donated 4 (buy get one free, so paid for 2! and so that makes 8)

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