Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow, Cookies, Bravery

Celia got her flu shot booster and her first h1n1 shot two thursdays ago. She received a sticker for her bravery. I really had a hard time with this as we do an alternative vaccine schedule and I don't like all of the aluminum that has gone in her little body. That said, she goes to daycare and she catches everything. The death rate of H1N1 in her age group is higher then I like, especialy since I am not sure what her RSV did to her lungs last year.

So on a happier note. Guess what we have alot of, alot alot alot, of??? Snow!! They say we only have 15 inches, although 30 min. away Philadelphia has 22 inches. It sure looks like it is more like 18 inches at least. When we were out last night, it sure looked like 18 inches walking in it. So I think it is more like that. It is pretty. But why, oh, why couldn't this have happened on a Monday??? Two weeks of holiday break would have been sweet. Below are some pictures. The chair on our porch gives about a true picture of the snow total, but for some reason it didn't start accumulating on the chair until a few hours into the storm so we actualy have a little more. But I think that looks like 18 inches.

Look at the chair!

It looks just like we draped a blanket of snow over the bushes, doesn't it??
So what did I do? Well we didn't go out and play because it was a windchill of about 10, very windy, and just nasty (plus Celia and I are still recoverying from yucky colds). So I made two baby blankets, some laundry (Pete helped), some cleaning up, and some baking. Check out some of the things that were made.

Don't the gingersnaps look storebought (they aren't of course)?? So I am hoping for a two hour delay, not expecting a closing tomorrow though. Only 3 days this week and then off for a little over a week. Is it bad that I then begin the count down to June??
I hopefully will post some snow playing pictures today.

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Jen said...

Love the snow! I miss having snow! I am baking pumpkin bread all day today!