Monday, May 25, 2009


Life right now for me is full of thinking. I am have enjoyed my school year with my little kiddos a great deal. They have been one of the more rewarding groups of kids that I have ever taught. I was told Friday that this will be the one and only year that I will work with them. My classroom is closing and they are going into another room. It is a sad situation because no one knows them and it took us a good 3 months to get to know them and develop behavior strategies to help them learn. 3 of my students are finishing up communication device trials and should have them ordered by next year. The teacher that they will have next year will likely not have a background in communication devices, especialy the Dynavox. I only assume that because the nature of the program in which she has been based. They would never have students with severe communication disorders in that program. There are other big concerns, like the hour long bus ride to their new classroom. Most of all, I am irritated that I have spent nearly 9 years in this place and I have only been given praise. For the second year I am being transferred, I know it is just because my classroom is closing, but it stinks. I don't know where I am going to be placed, okay I have an idea.
I have found that when looking for jobs in school districts they want dual certification and I only have my special education degree. So my thoughts right now are to see if I could get my elementary ed degree and work part time by substituting or doing something else. We could afford it, but the thought of losing money to do this upsets me tremendously! The problem is that change really scares me and in my gut, I think I will just end up accepting my transfer and back with the IU in the fall! But I am seriously going to explore my options. Pete is on board with whatever I do, even if I want to change careers and go back to school. That is sweet, but I am not that brave!! So next week I am going to be busy making many calls.
So I think I need a push to make a change.. Oh and if anyone has suggestions on a good place to take a vacation that includes the beach and is with in 5-6 hrs away, let me know. We need to book some place and I really don't go for the crowded beaches in Delaware/Maryland.

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