Saturday, August 9, 2008

What if she is a girl??

So I like the fact that my little girl loves to play with these little cars that my Mom got her at Target. She pushes them around the floor and blows on her lips to make a sound. It is so cute. She also loves balls, she has from the very beginning. She loves ones that fit in her hand so she can carry them around and she also likes a small Penn State football that Pete gave her. So she hasn't really shown true Gender identity signs as of yet. Well, I shouldn't say that exactly. She will hug any stuffed animal and say "awe". She loves to hug stuffed animals now. She also loves my purse. She knows that she isn't supposed to empty it but takes every chance she gets when my back is turned to empty my purse of every shred of scrap paper and item inside it. Friends of ours gave her this sweet little purse in which she now keeps her "credit cards" in and plastic keys. I caught her one morning with it slung over her shoulder. Where did she learn that from??

So I thought about it. What if she wants to wear make up and paint her nails? What if she wants to wear her hair in pretty bows? I can't help with those things. Pete always teases me about my lack of feminity. I don't mind it at all. However thinking back to my childhood I was a doll caring dress wearing little girl. You might think that means "girly girl". However the dolls were thrown around, dragged through dirt, pounced on, etc. The dresses, well they had a purpose. I could not stand anything close to my body. So the "non clingy" dresses felt so good. I think my niece Katie can relate to that. Even now clothes that cling drive me nuts. As for nail painting, never did that, can't stand nail polish. I got my first manicure without nail polish on my wedding day.

So the picture at the beginning of this, what is that for? Well this is the debate I have been having for some reason. Do I want to get her this girly purse? It is odd I should even debate it. It really is not important whether I get his toy. Celia was excited by the noises that it made so that is why I put it on the possible list. We have no clue what to get her. But that is what really prompted my thoughts as to what I want to foster in her- purse wearing or a tool belt?? Hmm.. I am thinking let her make her decision. However I am also thinking that the fact that she likes my purse doesn't mean she would like that pink purse (although the fact that it talks is pretty cool). I think the weight of my wallet and the crinkly paper is what intrigues her. It is crazy though that Celia might get a Blueberry Minky or a patterned Happy Heiney. Only those from the cloth diapering world will understand that. As I have been extremly practical with her diaper stash until now, for her birthday she might get a special item. She doesn't care. She would rather go naked honestly.

Oh and for those of you who are interested- the CF Husband is bald and the LLS is $4000 richer.

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Nicole said...

My partner and I have a similar debate when it comes to our 2 year old son. The little guy has buckets of trucks and trains, dismisses stuffed animals and dolls, but loves purses and shoes. He has two purses of his own, but doesn't play with them everyday. It seems more like he is interested in having a bag to carry things around, then he admires the design or femininity of the purses. But you don't know.

Your daughter will be a girly girl if that is who she is, maybe just to spite you and maybe because that's who she is. I personally don't think toys outweigh all the other messages and examples we set for our children. So one girly toy isn't going to ensure she's asking for Disney Princesses in a year....but she might.