Thursday, August 14, 2008

One Side Note and Poor Petey

Okay they seriously sell these, they are $35 each!! Luckily they only fit 0 to 6 months. I would hate to see Celia walking along in some Betsy Johnsons or who ever. Flat soles for quite awhile for her. The same site sells Tatoos for babies too- no birthday thoughts there people.

Okay onto Poor Petey

Pete came to me the other day to ask a favor. He started with "can I ask an itty, bitty favor?" I said "sure". He continued with "Can you please not pummel me, slap me, kick me in the butt, or hit me while I am asleep?". A Normal person could say, of course. However I could make no such promises, luckily since then it hasn't happened. I warned him fairly early in our relationship that I was a dangerous sleeper. I think it came up in a funny story about the fact that my parents would argue while on trips who was going to sleep with me. The person who ended up with the prize of sleeping with me likely woke up not rested and/or bruised. While in my sleep I tend to move quite a lot and sometimes a limb comes out in full force- if you happen to be in my way, not my fault.

So there have been some interesting moments however honestly they have been comical. There was the one night when Pete and I were sound asleep and then in my dream I suppose I was kicking or doing something. Well I ended up kneeing Pete in the ass so hard that he sat up straight in bed and just sort of looked at me. The thing is, I knew I was doing it at the time but I was in between awakeness and sleep and couldn't stop myself. I couldn't help myself but I started giggling and luckily Pete started laughing too- it could have gone either way there. There have been other incidents in the past few years. But in the past week, I have hit him several times. One time I kneed him again and the other time I believe I slapped him. Is it bad that I find this slightly humorous?? I don't do it on purpose at all and I can't imagine how ticked off I would be if I were the victim.

Of course he has his payback as he snores on a nightly basis, no fail. I have learned to ignore it for the most part but there are times where it get so loud that no one can ignore it. I will often try anything to get him to wake up, turn over, or do whatever it is to stop. At one point I thought that slightly poking him would work. I tapped him on the back, turned over quickly and pretended to be asleep. I saw him look around for a minute and unfortunately fell asleep in the same position and continued to snore. I did it again, same reaction. The third time I did it he caught me and was very angry. He moves into the guest room often, unfortunately sometimes that means Celia has to listen to his snoring and is not too happy about it- that is rare though!

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Blogitha Vanderblog. said...

I love the heels! If I have a girl, I will totally get those... and she will have to learn to walk in them to begin with. There's nothing worse than seeing a grown woman with an awkward heel-walk. You just want to sit them down and hand them some ballet flats.

My DH doesn't snore often, but when he does, I always think I will remember to buy nasal strips the next day. I never do. I guess I always think that was the last time. Do they work? Has yours tried them?